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$36 MASSAGE                             
1. Great Massage Done Well.                                        
     (Feels great and works.)                                            
2. Moist Hot Packs.                                                             
      (Relax muscles with heat.) 
3. Hot Stones.
      (Combines Heat & Pressure for muscle spasm relief.)

$45 Therapeutic MASSAGE
  ++ALL OF $36 Massage PLUS++
1. Trigger Point Therapy.
    (Developed by MD's to treat Pain & Spasm.)
2. Therapeutic Stretching.
    ( Elongates Muscle Fibers to retain the benefits of your great massage.)

Never a membership, contract, or extra fees.
Subject to availability. 
Treatments can be customized to each client.

You might be asking yourself how can they do a great massage for $36. Well Ill tell you.
  1. We love our job and we want to help more people and stay busy. 
  2. We keep our overhead low. We have a very nice office centrally located but you won't find us in the mall.
  3. We own the office so there is no middleman. 
So we would like to help you feel better and get a great massage. Give us a call.     Thanks, Michael Bendele
Thanks for visiting the Affordable Massage Therapy web site. I will try to quickly answer some basic questions. We are located in San Antonio, Texas.
Prices: Pricing varies depending on location. Click on the locations page. No memberships
            or contracts required.  
Phone: 210-508-8388  by appointment only.
Hours:  Mon- Fri. about 9am - 6:30pm  Saturday 9am - 2pm  Closed Sunday  

The goal at Affordable Massage Therapy is to make you as comfortable as possible. No one knows your body the way that you do, so we listen and accommodate you. We want to be your doorway to affordable, luxury, relief, and relaxation. We strive to provide a great massage with nice firm pressure that will feel wonderful but won't make you too sore. All treatments are guaranteed. If you don't like it- you don't pay.

If you have questions about massage please give us a call or go to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. (FAQ's)

Massage Therapy
is one of the most effective forms of natural healing. It provides your body with a convenient and enjoyable method of alleviating stress, aches, and inflammation. A massage will relieve tension throughout your entire body, reduce discomfort, and increase productivity. It also increases the body's natural function and aids in the restoration of health.

The Ultimate Massage Experience.
      Great Massage Techniques.
      Comfort Body Cushions.
      Warm Heating Pads. 
      Hot Stone Massage.
      25+ years experience.
Q. What makes Affordable Massage better?

A.  Each location is independently owned and operated.  Your therapist is the owner 
     of the office. We are highly motivated to give you a great massage.
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