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Texas MT approved CE provider.
Upcoming classes for 2014.  

The Valley - Mercedes Texas
Custom Massage Treatment Plan      5/3/14
Guerrilla Massage Marketing              5/4/14
La Quinta Inn & Suites  Mercedes Texas

You may sign up for classes by calling my office at 210-508-8388. (please leave a message if I'm in session.)

This class includes passive & active stretching.  Passive stretching (in this class) is done on the table by the therapist to the client. Active stretching is usually done by the client on there own. Active stretches are great to send home with your clients.  This stretching is a great way to reinforce your great massage technique and a added bonus for your clients. We will do alot of hands-on stretching on the table so you will feel comfortable using these stretches right away.

Trigger Points.  6 CE Hours.
Location, Location, Location.  Trigger Point Location.
Trigger Point Pain Referral Patterns.
Trigger Point Theory and Technique.

Most massage therapist have a negative outlook on the business side  of this industry. However, this is the most important part of massage. If we do not have new clients on a regular basis then we cannot share our skills with them. If we do not have a healthy income or our overhead is too high, then we cannot stay in business. We will not be able to help our clients unless we have a healthy business strategy.
This class puts the "business" back in the massage business. The business side can be very fun. Making money and helping people makes massage the best business in the world. Most therapist don't even know what their doing wrong. I made the same mistakes for over 10 years. This class can help you save thousands of dollars in mistakes, and head you in the right direction. Its not hard and watching your income grow is fun.

This is a non traditional stone class. It incorporates a stone that is cut and polished with a handle. Using this stone has helped me in many ways. It is easy to use and incorporate into any routine. It is easy to clean and helps with quick turn around. Most important is that my clients love it.
If you have any questions about massage seminars please call Michael at 210-508-8388.
To sign up for a class call 830-336-3510.

07/12/10  Weslaco TX   Massage Therapy Success   Bestwestern
08/21/10  Corpus Christi TX   Massage Therapy Success   Holiday Inn Airport
08/22/10  Corpus Christi TX   Massage Stone & Moist Heat    Holiday Inn Airport
09/11/10  Houston TX     Massage Therapy Success   Baymont Inn and Suites
09/12/10  Houston TX     Massage Stone & Moist Heat   Baymont Inn and Suites
09/25/10  Austin TX         Massage Therapy Success   Courtyard by Marriott
09/26/10  Austin  Tx        "Massage Stone" & Moist Heat Courtyard by Marriott 
10/16/10  San Antonio TX   MT Success        Holiday Inn Express Airport
10/17/10   San Antonio TX    Massage Stone  Holiday Inn Express Airport 
2/5/11      San Antonio  TX   MT Success          Holiday Inn Express Airport
2/6/11      San Antonio  TX   Massage Stone    Holiday Inn Express Airport
4/2/11      Austin  TX          MT Success       Courtyard by Marriott
4/3/11      Austin  TX          Massage Stone   Courtyard by Marriott
4/9/11      Weslaco TX       MT Success          Best Western Palm Aire
4/10/11    Weslaco TX       Massage Stone    Best Western Palm Aire
4/30/11    Corpus Christi   MT Success          Holiday Inn Airport
5/1/11      Corpus Christi   Massage Stone    Holiday Inn Airport
5/21/11    SATX                  MT Success          Holiday Inn Convention
5/22/11    SATX                  Massage Stone   Holiday Inn Convention    V
9/17/11    San Antonio       MT Success          Holiday Inn Express Airport
9/18/11    San Antonio       Massage Stone   Holiday Inn Express Airport
3/24/12    Helotes TX        Therapeutic Stretching    La Escondida Retreat Center
3/25/12    Helotes TX        Massage Business           La Escondida Retreat Center
3/26/12    Helotes Tx        Massage Stone               La Escondida Retreat Center
5/12/12    Rio Grande Valley   Trigger Point     La Quinta Mercedes
5/13/12    Rio Grande Valley   Therapeutic Stretching   La Quinta Mercedes TX
5/19/12    Corpus Christi       Trigger Point     Holiday Inn Corpus
5/20/12    Corpus Christi       Therapeutic Stretching   Holiday Inn Corpus
10/20/12  San Antonio           Trigger Points                   My office
10/21/12  San Antonio           Stone Massage                My office
11/3/12    San Antonio           Therapeutic Stretching     My Office
11/4/12    San Antonio           Trigger Point Th.               My Office
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